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     Hugh M. Spoljaric, President

              Kingston Teachers’ Federation 


     First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their kind expressions to me since I decided to join others in retiring this year. It’s been a good year; good classes, progressive issues, and culminating events. Although unrecognized until it was discussed with my family, the time was right. From the beginning, we set goals, established principles, and energetically pursued our visions for the profession, and I think, for the most part, we succeeded. And, it is that feeling of accomplishment that allows me to feel satisfaction.

     Society defines who we are at the time and it shapes who we will become. And, there are unplanned impacts on our lives that reshape who we are. The key, I think, is to always try to take a negative and to make it into a positive. It’s not so much the good cards you may be dealt, but the ability to play a bad hand well. And, like any strong structure, a good foundation forms the base for growth.

     The KTF was born in 1943, but never became the bargaining agent for the teachers until 1968, Four years later NYSUT was formed from the merger of the NYS Teachers Association and the United Federation of Teachers. I was always proud to be a national AFT local with a small number, 781, as it signified the efforts, enthusiasm, and spirit of those who led the KTF in those early years. Social and political dynamics are closely related to physics where acceleration, momentum, inertia, velocity, mass, and volume can characterize movements. Nothing changes unless acted upon by an equal or greater force. Then, it powers, and grows, and becomes a new norm. There is presently a growing discontent among college youth to the direction of society. Physics will determine its success over the next five years. Seeds of discontent cause change. People, members like all of us, can make a difference. We are proof that positive change for the common good can happen. We reach maximum mass with vision, energy, commitment, passion and fortitude for our common good.

     In life, as we travel toward a setting sun, we need to look back and catch the full scope of the footprints we have left behind, for ourselves and for others. In forming this path, it’s important to know where one wants to be and when one want to be there. I’m content and I’m there.

      And, that’s the Bottom Line.

                        LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE

         June 22 is fast approaching and that means time is running out for all eligible active members to add a spouse/family member or to increase their coverage in the Kingston Trust Fund’s LTCI with John Hancock. The additional coverage and addition of a spouse will be automatically accepted** up until June 22, 2007.

       Due to the fact that over 200 members had errors in their original registration form, 80 registered who did not meet the criteria of being a Trust medical policy- holder, and 30 were late registrants, enrollment benchmarks have been severely tested. Corrected information is still being inputted into the final list, but everything should now be in place.

     ENROLLING IS EASY! To learn more, to request an enrollment kit for a family member, or to enroll in additional coverage by June 22:

   *Visit the Kingston Trust Fund Group Long Term Care Web site at: (user name-kingston; password--mybenefit

    *Call the John Hancock Customer Service Center at 1-800-711-9407,  Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 6:30 pm

     If you’ve already submitted your enrollment spousal/family or additional insurance request, you’re confirmation will arrive soon.

     Any voluntary additional deductions for extra coverage will be via payroll deduction equally through 21 paychecks. Those retiring will pay directly to Hancock.

**Employees age 70 or older or under age 18 will need to provide proof of good health and be accepted for coverage, including core coverage.

                                          NEW RETIREES


     Hugh (Stu) Spoljaric, President of the KTF for the past 17 years has announced his retirement after 38 years of service to the KIngston Schools and ESP President Joan White, presently retired, has stepped down. Both will leave office on June 30.

      Lauri Naccarato, 1st Vice President of the KTF, will assume the leadership of the KTF and Laurie Rosen  was elected the new President of the ESP.

                                           APPLE GALA XIV

     Apple Gala XIV is set for Wednesday, June 20, 4-7 pm at Wiltwyck Golf Club. In addition to Spoljaric, KTF Secretary Nancy Chando and teachers John Adams, Diane Backofen, Barbara Celuch, Kathy Cypin, Jane Eakins, Cecily Frazier, Karen Goertzel, Elaine Habernig, Karen Krom, Matt TenEyck, Kathleen Wise, and Maureen Young; ESP members Jan Ackert, Sandy Carlson, Marietta Carpino, Patricia Corriere, Janice Kelly, Beverly Perry, Nancy Scheurzinger, Arlene Schule; Principal Gail Aidala; and Edwin Senft, Jerry Smith, and Albert Vedder.

     Community Honorees are City Judge Ted Feeney, Babe Ruth volunteer Barbara Rosenthal, and Kathy Keyser from Assemblyman Cahill’s office.  

      Kingston Trust Fund

307 Wall Street, 3rd Floor

Kingston NY 12401

(845) 338-5422


June 2007

         Kingston Trust Fund 

Health Insurance Open Enrollment

 **Open Enrollment Deadline Nears**

The deadline to enroll or make changes to your medical, prescription drug, and/or dental insurance is June 30, 2007. 

  Any member is welcome to evaluate their current insurance needs.     

  Contact the Trust Office for plan descriptions and enrollment forms.

  No action is required to continue the same health and dental enrollments currently in effect.

National Health Administrators, Inc

Medical & Dental Insurance

 Full-time Student Documentation 

   Effective July 1, 2007, a deadline to submit Fall 2007 and future semester documentation has been added to the plan.

     Documentation for the Fall 2007 semester is October 31, 2007. Any documentation received after October 31, 2007 will result in no coverage retroactive to September 1, 2007 (the start of the semester coverage).  Instead, the child’s effective date will be the first day of the month after the documentation is received.

The new deadline for Spring 2008 documentation is February 29, 2008.

     Out of Area Registration for:

17 & 18 year  old college students

     Any child attending college outside a 75-mile radius of Kingston, NY should be registered as an Out-of-Area college student.  Members complete a NHAI dependent verification form providing the student’s name and school mailing address.  Submit the completed form to the Trust Office.


             College Graduates

Parents of college  graduates covered by CDPHP, GHI or MVP must contact the Trust Office to report the graduations. Coverage ends in the month of graduation for HMO members and COBRA eligible occurs

  HMO Employee MONTHLY contribution rates for 2007-08 are:

     KTF (Teachers Bargaining Unit)

CDPHP Single $29.56   Family $75.86

GHI       Single $36.34   Family $92.66

MVP      Single $33.80   Family $87.43

     ESP Bargaining Unit

CDPHP  Single $14.78  Family $37.93

GHI        Single $18.17  Family $46.33

MVP       Single $16.90  Family $43.72

     Active employees use payroll deduction to pay their contributions.  Direct payment for the full 12-month period can be may to the Trust Fund.

   Payroll deduction is determined by:

Monthly Cost x12 months =Total $$ 

Total $$/20 paychecks=Check deduct

CDPHP: Changes eff. 07/01/2007

$25 PCP co-payment

$25 Specialist co-payment

$240 Inpatient Hospital co-payment

$100 Emergency Room co-payment

$  75 Surgery co-payment

$100 Ambulatory Surgery co-pay


              Local Pharmacy

$  5 Generic Drug co-payment

$25  Brand Name Drug co-payment

$40  Non-Formulary Drug co-payment

        CDPHP:  Mail Order

2 ½ times the local pharmacy co-pay

MVP: Changes eff. 07/01/2007


                 Local Pharmacy

$  5 Generic Drug co-payment

$20 Formulary Brand Name co-pay

$40 Non-formulary brand name drugs

            MVP:  Mail Order

$20 Generic Drug co-payment

$40 Formulary Brand Name co-pay

$80 Non-Formulary BrandNamecopay

                              ANNA TUCKER PASSES AWAY

     Anna Tucker, one of the founders of the Kingston Retired Teachers’ Federation, passed away on May 30 in Florida after a short illness.

     She had taught math at St. Ursala’s Academy in Kingston before joining her husband, English teacher Bob Tucker, with the Kingston Schools. She taught at Miller School and at Kingston High School.

     She resigned her position at President of the KRTF in 2004 when she and Bob permanently relocated to their home on Florida’s west coast.

     Her husband, Bob, and her daughter survive. Another daughter, Maggie, predeceased her.


                              IN-SERVICE CARDS

          June 30 is the FINAL DEADLINE for submission of any versions of the old pink, blue, yellow, beige, etc. In-Service cards. After June 30, the old cards will not be accepted. Cards submitted by June 30 will have those hours credited toward their next grouping of 45 hours.



     Teacher unit members are allowed up to five (5) days, if necessary, for bereavement based on deaths of immediate family members. In 1993, the KTF negotiated to have the language changed from ‘funeral’ to ‘death’ as many members were having to deal with necessary issues several months after the event. The days are specific and, as a courtesy, informing the district ahead of time would be appreciated.

   Like any benefit, if it is not protected and managed, it will end up on the table of the next negotiating session.



     Rates will change later this year for these NYSUT Member Benefits endorsed voluntary and group benefit plans:

     VOLUNTARY TERM LIFE INSURANCE: The plan will experience a 10% rate reduction due to positive experience. The decrease takes effect Sept 1 for payroll deduction and Nov. 1 for direct billing.

     VOLUNTARY CATASTROPHIC MAJOR MEDICAL INSURANCE: The plan will increase 7% to meet plan obligations. The increase takes place July 1 for direct billing and Sept. 1 for payroll deduction.


                                               TRUST HEALTH PLAN

     The NEW Trust Health Plan for Medical and Dental Booklet will be distributed to enrollees before the end of school. Active members will receive their plan book on CD.

Retirees will receive a hard copy that will be mailed to them.


                                    MOORE DAYS SICK BANK DRIVE

    Moore Days Sick Bank Chair Glenn Gallagher has announced that a drive will be held in the fall. To remain a member, teachers must donate a day to the bank. Retirees recently gave up to the maximum of 50 days each of all days above and beyond those compensated for payment.